ALLERGY TESTING - What you need to know

Thinking of having an allergy test. We believe that there is no system out there that is more advanced than ours. It's painless and involves only wrist bands with only a positive and negative pulse.

Owner Sharon Richards lived with allergy for fifteen years until she switched hers off with this technology. There are over four hundred and seventy five thousand different items available and our test will give you full body scan like no other, in only seven minutes. Its so safe it can even be used on babies.

Your scan will show clearly if your body is in Allergic reaction to foods, pollens or trees, animals or feathers, dust, chemicals, electrical interference, it even tests components of foods, its that thorough. A list of all allergens is printed for you and you also get to keep a copy of the full body scan results.

Most importantly your session with us will include desensitising to all allergens and free nutritional advice on how to "switch off your allergy for good".

Download and complete the questionnaire to tell us about yourself and give us a call to book your allergy test.

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