Angela lost 13½ lbs and 21¼ inches'

'What a fantastic result I have seen in just 4 weeks !'

Alison lost 12 lbs and 12½ inches

'the best and quickest way to lose weight and feel good is Rejuvaslim'

Christine lost 19½ lbs and 25¾ inches'

'I’d certainly recommend it to any yo-yo dieter like me. I never thought it possible.I feel healthier and have lots more energy'

Annette lost 15 lbs and 16¾ inches in 12 treatments

'The weight loss was fantastic. I have gone down at least one dress size and had somebody stop me in a car park to say how good I was looking (they hadn’t seen me since I started Rejuva Slim) – it was a real boost and it makes you feel really good about yourself.'

Frances lost 13 lbs and 15¼ inches

'I am so pleased with the result – it’s the best thing I have done'

Jenny lost 13½ lbs and 17½ inches'

'I have suffered from depression and menopausal concerns. After completing the course I can’t remember when I last felt this good.'

Sharon lost 14 lbs and 14½ inches'

'This to me was not only a diet but a complete education programme!'

Maureen lost 11 lbs and 14¼ inches

'For the last 2 years I had been bloated, unenergetic, moody and would get severe cramps from eating anything. After 6 weeks on the programme I have felt none of the above, which I am truly grateful.'

Sue lost 28 lbs and 25 inches'

'I feel so much better in myself. My skin and hair look and feel much better.'

Sophie lost 16½ lbs and 17 inches

'I have suffered with IBS for years – don’t have it anymore!'

Vic – aged 82

Following medication I had put on considerable weight, and as an octogenarian my only interest in losing this was for my well being and nothing to do with appearance. In this connection I read a Barn Clinic advert for Rejuvaslim and arranged an appointment, following this I agreed to take a four week course.

The result was that I lost a staggering 18lbs and the bonus is that I also feel more active. Obviously, I am delighted with this result and would like to register my gratitude to the Barn Clinic and staff.

The Barn Clinic, Howlell Hyde Lane, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 4AA. 01707 336444