BIORESONANCE - An Introduction

Please be aware that on arrival for your appointment, our consultants will aim to maximise the usage of the Bio-Resonance machine during your appointment time with us. You will be taken through to the therapy room as soon as your allotted time starts.

To this end, please read this information carefully, which will give good background as to how it all works, as our consultants will wish to concentrate on therapy, and not explanations.

Each appointment is 1 to 1.5 hours in length. We ask you to dress comfortably and refrain from wearing any jewellery – watches may be taken off in the therapy room. The therapy is non-intrusive and painless, and involves two wristbands being attached, shoes removed and you lying back on a couch – easy!!

An Lifestyle Questionnaire needs to be completed in all cases. If this has not been done prior to your appointment, please arrive 30 minutes earlier than expected and complete the form in the reception area. Click here to download the questionnaire. All information provided is treated as highly confidential and will not be passed to any third party.

A full body scan will be done at the beginning and the end of the session. It will show which body systems are not balanced and which pathogens are attacking the body e.g. bacteria, virus, parasites, fungus, solvents, dyes to name but a few. A copy will be available for you to take away.

About Bio-Resonance

Bio-Resonance is based on frequency patterns which are as “invisible” today as bacteria was before microscopes were invented. The therapy, which boasts several thousand users in Germany alone, can no longer be ignored by modern medicine.

An example of resonance is the tuning fork. If you have a room containing a piano, and a tuning fork is struck on one side of the room, the resonance wave from the fork will reach the piano and the corresponding string will start to resonate with the same tone.

Our bodies are made up of cells, which consist of electrical charges. These charges should consist of an even proportion of positive and negative ions, which puts the cells in their perfect working environment, where the correct tension to the cell walls is maintained. This tension enables food, oxygen and waste products to pass through quickly and efficiently.

However, when there is trauma to the body through ill health, poor diet or injury, the electrical balance changes and the cells of our body become more positively charged. In this state, the charge is a disturbance frequency and the cells will be unable to digest and excrete foreign matter effectively, which in turn starts the process of toxin storage. Where this communication is unimpaired by disturbance frequencies, the person is considered to be healthy.

Disturbance frequencies include toxins, which enter the body and interfere with the body’s own regulatory powers, and in turn, the body’s own functions. The more often disturbance frequencies are encountered, the more our own regulatory powers are compromised. This leads to illness and disease.

Bio-Resonance therapy detects the disturbance frequencies and inverts the frequency pattern, so that it is no longer a problem. In other words, the electrical charge between the cells is corrected to the appropriate tension.

When receiving a bio-resonance therapy, the frequency patterns which cause illness can be transformed into therapeutically effective frequency patterns. The simultaneous mirrored transformation and a corresponding amplification of the therapy signal play an important role in the therapy.

These signals reduce the effect of the disturbed frequency pattern, enabling the body’s own regulatory powers to function efficiently once again. The therapy has a deep-reaching effect as the therapy frequency reaches every cell, organ and bone.

The database has over 200,000 frequency patterns which are analysed and adjusted during the therapy session. The categories include bacteria, fungi, moulds, viruses, medical disorders, poisons, toxins, foods, chemicals, body organs, body systems, vitamins & minerals to name but a few.

Over 20 years of research and experience in this area means that the therapist has an extremely reliable system at his/her disposal. The research doesn’t stop – it continues every year, with more and more information being added to the system.

Because of the nature of the database, any ailment or disorder may be addressed.

How it can help

We are able to put together a bespoke package according to the individual’s background. However, there are generic packages which address problems experienced by many, and these include:

-- Menopause -- Stress -- Digestive discomfort -- Candida --

-- Migraine -- Joint inflammation and / or pain --

-- PMS / Painful Menstruation -- Quit Smoking -- Allergy testing --

The analysis will tell whether a frequency pattern is significant – either the body needs more of it or needs to rid it from the body completely.

Several million treatments have been successfully carried out and are proof of the effectiveness of the therapy.

The successes enjoyed in allergy therapy in particular have increased awareness of bio-resonance therapy as a reputable medical procedure in recent years.

People like bio-resonance therapy as it’s completely painless with no side effects and the results can be felt. It eases (or heals) symptoms of disease without damaging side effects. We hope you like it too.

(Information taken from Hans Brugemann – pioneer of bio-resonance)

Please note that we wouldn’t recommend this treatment if any of the following apply: Pacemaker is fitted, Are pregnant or could be pregnant, Are receiving IVF treatment or Have epilepsy

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