REJUVASLIM - An Introduction

The RejuvaSlim detox programme is for anybody who yo-yo diets and needs to break bad eating habits. It is also for the person who feels they need a high level of support in doing so. This is effectively a one-on-one programme.

RejuvaSlim works by supporting the liver with a cleansing diet, together with sessions on a detoxifying machine which helps the lymph drain and cells respond to releasing stubborn toxin build up. The combination is a winning formula, as the average weight loss in only 4 weeks is 12 – 16lb.

There are so many slimming products on the market, it is difficult to decipher which are for real and which are nothing more than a gimmick. Many offer short term results, but the RejuvaSlim programme is an authentic detox plan, fully supervised and monitored, and offers clients the chance of breaking down fat which has been layered over many years.

How it Works

A revolutionary slimming treatment, RejuvaSlim, combines a healthy eating regime with thrice-weekly sessions on a specifically programmed machine, which helps lymphatic drainage and breaks down toxins.

This successful combination – which does not involve exercise or rigorous dieting – looks set to revolutionise the beauty industry, as clients can lose between 4 and 6lbs a week. It is a holistic approach that treats the person as a whole, through a de-toxification programme that re-balances the body and re-shapes your silhouette.

Rejuvaslim works by ridding the body of calcified toxins that have built up because of the food we eat and the atmosphere we live in. With increasingly busy, stressful lives many of us no longer digest properly. Once we have a healthy, detoxed system our body can begin, once again, to absorb the real nourishment from fresh food, and this allows the body fat to drop off and the body to heal itself. This is why the programme has been found to ease conditions such as IBS, asthma, eczema, blood pressure, arthritis, low mood, blood sugar disorders and migraine.

The Rejuvaslim programme is passive; you do not have to exercise for it to work. The treatment is not painful – it is very relaxing and de-stressing. Another benefit from the programme is, as it cleans out and becomes more efficient at absorbing nutrients from the food intake, your body, your hair and your energy levels will improve dramatically.

Unlike other weight loss programmes that may leave you haggard, moody and exhausted, this regenerates you, which is why we call it RejuvaSlim. Throughout the study of over 500 women and 100 men, the most outstanding feature was the rejuvenating properties of the diet. All, without exception, boasted an incredible increase in energy and clarity of mind, a reduced reaction to stress and they looked and felt at least ten years younger.

The Rejuvaslim eating plan, which may increase calorie intake, changes eating habits away from junk food and towards fresh vegetables, fruit and fish. However, there are few restrictions on when and how much of this food is consumed. During the first month there is an interchangeable diet, with weight carefully monitored, to see which foods have an adverse effect. The thermographic graph indicates whether the toxicity around the abdominal area is improving.

You would be linked up to the Ultimate Detoxifier machine via your own set of 32 pads, which are plugged into positive and negative electrodes. The primary function of the RejuvaSlim machine is to drill into the calcification of the toxic fat cell, (with a blunt end drill), allowing fat toxins to be drawn from the cell into the lymph system. It then switches onto lymphatic dilation and drainage and rapidly eliminates these toxins from the body.

For a month, you would receive three 40-minute treatments a week on the Rejuvaslim machine, which has five programmes. These include a stretching session for the vascular body, a comforting lymphatic massage and toning to help drain the toxins. These sessions of the Rejuvaslim machine are designed to be relaxing and enjoyable, to leave you feeling good about yourself.

Rejuvaslim Background

Rejuvaslim was originally invented in 1994. It started with a dynamic manual lymphatic drainage massage, combined with a unique eating plan based on a form of detoxification. Rejuvaslim gained in popularity so quickly that therapists had to do fourteen to sixteen clients per day. Therapist burnout occurred as rapidly as the growth of Rejuvaslim! Whilst weight was lost – it eventually came back.

It was then discovered with thermeographic analysis, that the black plaque was not breaking down significantly enough with any manual process. Thus the ultimate detoxifier was developed. We believe it is the safest of its kind. It has been produced by one of the largest machine manufacturers in Europe, thoroughly test and CE approved. We also have FDA approval.

Unlike other machines on the market it is not solely an inter-muscular machine, although it does have that capacity when placed on origin and insertion of the muscles and intensity changed.

The Rejuvaslim weight-loss technique is based on holistic dietetics, purposely designed to rebalance the body and actually allow it to heal itself. Rejuvaslim focuses on the internal congestion within our bodies, caused by the annual build up of calcified toxic wastes. Year on year this toxic waste gradually forces our bodily systems to become more sluggish and inefficient, making permanent weight-loss a more unachievable goal the older we become.

In today’s society our daily eating habits are such that we eat on a virtually continuous basis -never allowing our body the sufficient time it needs to digest the last meal before snacking, drinking or beginning another one.

Food digestion is a primary function of the body and therefore, our system is programmed to store the half digested food from the last meal into fat cells and to return later to complete the digestive process. Unfortunately, in our modern society of continuous snacking, we never give our bodies the time to physically digest that previous meal, so it permanently stores as fat. Imagine - it can take up to 16 hours to digest a steak. When was the last time you fasted for that long?

The increase of chemical additives in our daily diet has also contributed to the excess toxins in our bodies. Today, even our table water is a cocktail of chemicals and with the introduction of GM foods the damage to our bodies continues. The body needs to be re-trained to go back to the good old days when it used to remove toxins instead of storing them before it was overloaded from our water supply, food chain, the air that we breathe and excessive stress.

A damaged digestive system compresses the intestines, crushing the internal area and causing cells to be deoxygenised. Toxified waste is shown photographically and indicated by a black mass, which generally turns to blue as treatments begin to work and the body becomes healthier. A thermeographic graph of the client’s abdomen is taken at the consultation so that the amount of toxins present can be ascertained before treatment starts.

Thermeographic images of the detox process

The black shows a heavily congested system, while the increasing amount of blue shows the system rebalancing and becoming healthier.

Stage 1:

The large areas of black shows the body is heavily congested and in a toxified state.

Stage 2:

The area is starting to decongest.

Stage 3:

The increasing amount of blue indicates an almost rebalanced system.

Stage 4:

Success! The large area of blue clearly shows a healthy, rebalanced system.

£45.00 per treatment (12 recommended).   Total cost £540.00 (£40.00 discount if paid in advance).

Session time = 1 hour

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