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Join our list of successes and be a non-smoker!

Over 90% success rate!!

Bio-Resonance works on your cravings, stress and psychological status, as well as poisons and toxins from your cigarettes.

It also works on your body’s elimination routes – lungs, bowel, kidneys and skin – as these have to support the detox.

The initial treatment is 1 ½ hours – 2 hours in length. Further sessions MAY be required and will not be charged for. There is a one-off charge of £240.00.

Published statistics state 70% success with only one treatment and 98% success with 4.

So what do you have to do?

Please be aware that on arrival for your appointment, our consultants will aim to maximise the usage of the Bio-Resonance machine during your appointment time with us. You will be taken through to the therapy room as soon as your allotted time starts.

To this end, please read this information carefully, which will give good background as to how it all works, as our consultants will wish to concentrate on therapy, and not explanations.

Each appointment is 1-1/2 – 2 hours in length. We ask you to dress comfortably and refrain from wearing any jewellery – watches may be taken off in the therapy room.

The therapy is non-intrusive and painless, and involves two wristbands being attached, shoes removed and you lying back on a couch – easy!!

Prior to your arrival, we ask you to half smoke your last cigarette and collect the ash in a small plastic bag. Add the unsmoked half of the cigarette and then spit into the bag. Your cigarette and saliva information are read into the machine upon your arrival.

You are to arrive at the clinic in craving mode!

This ensures that the session is bespoke to your own information. It results in UNIQUE balancing on your body as the frequencies from the cigarette and saliva are assessed and adjusted in your body to help it balance out the adverse effects.

A full body scan is included in the treatment – it will indicate EXACTLY which systems are not balanced properly.

So how does it work?

Bio-Resonance therapy works by reading the electro-magnetic frequencies at cellular level. Our bodies are made up of cells, which consist of electrical charges. These charges should consist of an even proportion of positive and negative ions, which puts the cells in their perfect working environment and the correct tension to the cell walls is maintained.

This tension enables food, oxygen and waste products to pass through quickly and efficiently i.e. a natural detox.

However, when there is trauma to the body through ill health, poor diet or injury, the electrical balance changes and the cells of our body become more positively charged. In this state, the charge is a disturbance frequency and the cells will be unable to digest and excrete foreign matter effectively, which in turn starts the process of toxin storage.

Bio-Resonance therapy detects these disturbance frequencies. It then inverts the frequency pattern, so that it is no longer a problem. In other words, the electrical charge between the cells is corrected to the appropriate frequency.

Its success stories are numerous, as several million treatments have been successfully carried out and are proof of the effectiveness of the therapy.

Any condition or illness can be targeted. The software allows any part of the body or any bodily system to be balanced individually or in combination. Therefore, any person who is sick or has a condition - bio-resonance therapy may be their answer.

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